The Project


The project’s overall objective is to combine transdisciplinary specific skills and experience of partners (academic research groups, development agency, SMEs) in order to provide the 2 Seas Area with strategic advantage for innovative pharmaceutical and medical applications.

imode project interreg
imode project start

Start of the project
July 1st, 2016

imode project end

End of the project
June 30th, 2021

imode project budget

Total budget
€ 5,960,000


The IMODE project is motivated by an unmet need for developing solutions to address societal challenges for improved healthcare, novel and effective medicines for various cardiovascular or digestive diseases, which have inadequate or lack of treatment while maintaining low medical costs

The challenging project goal is to integrate transdisciplinary applied research by involving academic research groups and enterprises to build upon and strenghten the creativity and innovation in order to create a strategic advantage for innovative pharmaceutical and medical applications within 2 Seas area.


IMODE is based on a cross-border cooperation.

The challenging objectives of the project are highly multidisciplinary in nature (material science, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine). The IMODE partnership offers an effective approach to the development of innovative pharmaceutical technologies and medical devices.

This strong and unique partnership in the field has already been validated by the development of the AMPTEC, technological platform combining highly interdisciplinary knowhow and cutting edge equipment.


The IMODE project is divided in two main scientifical workpackages.

Work Package 1: Innovative pharmaceutical formulations and technologies

The objective is to combine partners transdisciplinary specific skills to develop:

  1. Novel formulations based on co-amorphous/co-crystals drugs with superior capabilities in terms of efficacy, solubility and stability
  2. Advanced preparation and screening methods
    • Selection
    • Preparation
    • Characterization
  3. New bio-based excipients for formulation of controlled release drugs
imode project content
imode project content

Work Package 2: Innovative medical devices with improved therapeutical activity based on co-drugs

The aim is to apply holistic approach for the development of drug eluting stents for the treatment of coronary artery diseases (DES). The activities involve the development of personalized DES, which can be adopted for the needs of each patient individually.

  • Synthesis
  • In vivo/In vitro biological evaluation
  • Pharmacokinetic / Drug distribution (imaging)
  • Pharmacogenetic analysis