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April 9th webinar : Innovations on Drug-Controlled Delivery (replay)

If you are interested, you can watch the replay of the webinar here :

European projects Imode and MDTex jointly organised a workshop dedicated to Innovations on Drug-Controlled Delivery
This workshop was the opportunity for Imode & MDTex to bring a focus on their respective expertise in the fields of drug-controlled delivery through medical device, textile, and follow-up tools.
Various speakers both researchers, health professionals and industrials, presented their research projects, achievements, and new challenges.

Introduction | Presentation of IMODE and MDTex Interreg projects
UGent – Peter Dubruel, PhD. Head of Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group | Drug delivery: is it the carrier, its processing or both?
University of Lille – College of Pharmacy – Susanne Muschert, PhD. Associate Professor | Starch based matrix tablets & how to keep the drug release under control!
CenTexBel – Rémi Tilkin, PhD. Researcher Medical and Sustainable Materials | Protein encapsulation in functionalized sol-gel silica
University of Lille – Stéphanie Degoutin, PhD. Reader | Development of a new drug eluting stent coated by electrospinning
Cousin Biotech – François Aubert, R&D Engineer and Project Manager | Parietal reinforcement implant with drug delivery system and process for CE marking under Medical Device Regulation : MDR 2017/745
Imabiotech – Florian Barré, Business Developer Europe | Advanced Molecular Imaging for Drug developments

This event was the opportunity to meet many experts and set-up new collaborations.

About Imode
IMODE is a collaborative research project for multicomponent pharmaceutical products (co-amorphous and co-crystals) and medical devices that are loaded with bioactive molecules. Started in 2016, the IMODE project is funded by the European Interreg 2 Seas programme and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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About MDTex
MDTex is an ambitious project aiming to bring together the textile and the health industry to gather expertise of these two topics. This network will foster the creation of R&D and industrial projects in the domain of medical textile by giving to the main actors the chance to meet, discuss, collaborate, and create opportunities. By sourcing directly, the needs of health professionals (Medical doctors, nurses …), the project will guide, in an open-innovation framework, the creation of consortium making projects that will answer directly to the needs of patients.
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